Dawn of the Future is the first episode of the Future Trilogy, a trilogy of prequels to Philip Castle's Doctor Who fan series.

Dawn of the Future stars The Castle Doctor.
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Plot Edit

The Purple Scarf Doctor and Emma are running through a quarry away from the villainous Tayven Merrik. It transpires that Tayven is hunting down The Doctor as he believes he has killed his brother. The Doctor explains that he would never do such a thing, and it was in fact the Cybermen who murdered Tayven's brother.

Tayven reveals that he does not believe him, so he wants to make The Doctor suffer by taking away the thing that matters most to him - Emma. Tayven tries to shoot Emma with his ray blaster, but the heroic Doctor jumps in the way. Tayven quickly teleports away, vowing that he will meet The Doctor again, and on this day The Doctor will fall.

The Purple Scarf Doctor then tells Emma to be brave, and that he is not dying and he will live on. He then begins to regenerate on the floor.

A new man appears - The Castle Doctor. Suffering from post regenerative trauma, he confirms that Tayven has left the area before collapsing on the floor.