Laurence Neave is an esteemed scriptwriter. He penned the quintessential fan film Time of Zygon, as well as its predecessor, The Return of the Evil Creator.

Other work Edit

A second series of Doctor Who fan films has been confirmed, however a date for release is still unknown.

I do plan to air my first series on youtube next year now due to stiil writing episodes and cast only available at times during the year, due to work and family life. - Laurence Neave

Rumours are also circulating that Neave is currently penning a remake of the novel Ulysses, stating that he wanted to rewrite it "without all of that Joycean twaddle." This new edition will total approximately 24 pages and is expected to be surpass the original.

This is not a rumour as i am not doing any remakes - Laurence Neave

Some have accused him of taking himself too seriously, such as by answering sarcastic remarks on this page.