Return of the Evil Creator is another classic fan-film featuring the Sam Golder incarnation of The Doctor.

It sees the return of Davros, The Doctor's arch nemesis.

Plot Edit

The Doctor and Penny arrive in a museum which houses the body of the long dead Davros, the evil, maniacal mastermind who was responsible for the development of the Daleks. They soon discover that Davros is very much alive so, after a quick cup of tea and a slice of cake, they realise that he must be stopped.

Trivia Edit

  • This story featured the debut of Richard and Margaret Whoman, characters who would later reappear in Time of Zygon.
  • One of the sub-plots of the story involves the disappearance of the Museum Keeper, who later reveals that he was simply fixing a pipe in a toilet.
  • Margaret Whoman describes her husband as "tall and hairy".
  • Penny is referred to as Rose.
  • The Doctor does not want a slice of cake.
  • This story takes place six years prior to Time of Zygon.