The Castle Doctor is an incarnation of The Doctor portrayed by Philip Castle. He emerged from a regeneration after his past self was shot by Tayven Merrik, who believed The Doctor had murdered his brother.

Phillip castle

Predecessor: Purple Scarf Doctor

Successor: Unknown

Companions: Emma Ryan, Chloe Benton

Trivia Edit

This Doctor's personality is essentially the same as the Tenth Doctor's, a more youthful, eccentric and friendly Doctor. Despite this, he also appears alien, as he questions basic human actions, labeling them as "odd".

The Doctor expressed a dislike for his Twelfth regeneration, calling him a "grumpy Scottish Doctor".

This Doctor does not like baked beans, much like the Eleventh Doctor.

Appearances/Stories Edit

Series 1:

  • Dawn of the Future
  • Future Begins
  • Future of The Doctor
  • Silence of The Doctor
  • Legacy of The Doctor
  • Sea of Evil
  • Secret of The Daleks
  • The Test Of A Time Lord
  • The Hunter Of Angels
  • The End Of Life

Other appearances:

  • Duck Call (Minisode)
  • Welcome to Skaro (Minisode)