The Museum was the primary setting in The Return of the Evil Creator.

It was cleverly designed to look like an early 21st Century Earth house and featured antiques from across the stars.

The Golder Doctor and Penny arrived in the museum where they discovered that the alleged corpse of Davros was on display. However it soon transpired that Davros was in fact still alive, so The Doctor enlisted the help of Margaret Whoman, who, at this point, was working at the museum as a maid, to thwart Davros' evil plans.

Much like his wife Margaret, Richard Whoman also debut in this story, working as the keeper of the museum. For most of the story, he was missing due to the fact he was 'checking a pipe' in one of the museum's toilets.

Following the traumatic events of Return of the Evil Creator, The Whoman's decided to leave the museum due to its deadly nature.