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Time of Zygon is an upcoming Doctor Who novel, based on the award-winning screenplay by Laurence Neave.

The front cover depicts the Zygon Pope (the villain) and Norfolk Church (the primary setting). The flames represent the hellish terror that his presence on earth brings to the peaceful rural town.

Episode One was released on the 15th of February.

Episode One Edit

The story begins as the Doctor and Penny are running to the source of the gunshot they hear in the film, after they spot the bones and monk in Penny's garden. Both are horrified by the murder scene, which is a mess of orange blood.

The story then leaps backwards in time to when the Doctor and Penny arrive in Norfolk. The Doctor laments their arrival, noting the smell of shit in the air, and feels an alien presence about. Penny enters her house to "get something".

Inside her house, Penny reveals that since she began traveling with the Doctor, she has felt an emptiness and a loss of identity. She realizes that her life is mainly a sequence of Beatles song puns, and begins to hallucinate a horse, which she then begins to fight wildly. Suddenly returning back to her senses, she drops a glass of water and vomits next to a photograph of her father.

Emerging from her home, the Doctor shows her a pile of bones. A monk begins to follow Penny, but she runs away. At this point they hear a gunshot, and the events at the start of the chapter become the present. When asked what kind of alien has orange blood, the Doctor remarks that it could be Zygon.