A title sequence is a brief visual segment which introduces the title of a specific series, key cast members names and the episode's title.

It is very common for fan films to have custom-made title sequences. Fan film's will generally release several title sequences before actually uploading any footage. This is so that the creator has something to gawk at and feel accomplished over without having made any work on the actual series.

Quality Edit

Title sequences often vary from horrendously bad to remarkably good. These can be divided into four styles.

  1. People that have no idea how to edit on anything besides Windows Movie Maker. These title sequences are usually official Doctor Who title's recorded sloppily off a TV with some text overlayed.
  2. People that have basic experience with editing software such as Sony Vegas or Adobe Premiere. This is where most creator's skills lie, and the results are most variable here. Some will just download clean versions of the Peter Davison titles from YouTube, and place Comic Sans text over it, as well as a jagged and pixelated image of a 12 year old wearing a fedora as the Doctor's face. Others creatively use commercial CGI footage to make their own style of titles.
  3. People that are experienced with 3D modelling and can create impressive and original visuals. These are thought to be an extinct species of fan film creator.
  4. People that download NeonVisual's title sequences and consequently find themselves banned off YouTube.