Pope zygon

The Zygon Pope, or the "Soothsayer" as it referred to itself as, was the antagonist in Doctor Who: Time of Zygon. It was a lone Zygon who swore to take revenge on The Doctor following the events of Terror of the Zygons.

It appeared to The Doctor as a monk. The Doctor dismissed its hostility, saying that "monks are peaceful", and that Penny and Mr and Mrs Whoman should not worry that they were being followed.

The Zygon Pope stalked The Doctor, Penny and Mr & Mrs Whoman as they walked to the church to investigate the mysterious happenings in the area. It was revealed that it was responsible for various murders and the piles of bones that were scattered all over the terrain.

Once at the church, The Doctor and co were attacked by the Zygon, so they fled into the church. The pope followed, and threatened the travellers with a ray gun. However, Mrs Whoman quickly assaulted the Zygon with her handbag, temporarily disorientating it, allowing Mr Whoman to stun it with its own weapon.

After departing from the Whoman's, The Doctor and Penny returned to the church and noticed the Zygon Pope was gone. They eventually found it creeping around the graveyard, where The Doctor used the Swords of Rassilon to kill it.

Trivia Edit

  • The Soothsayer had been waiting for The Doctor to return for centuries.
  • Mr Whoman thought he killed the Zygon after stunning it with its own weapon.